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Immediately concluding that sentence would be where the typical eye-roll would take place. And you know what? I wouldn’t blame them a bit. I had to roll my eyes at myself as well. How many times, Debbie? How many promises? How many excuses and trials of life need to pass before you stick to it? Well, apparently exactly this many.

You see, we are human and we are flawed and we are broken. We have wonderful intentions, amazing plans, and passionate goals. What we often lack is the goin’-ta. (That is a Debbie-ism, so you will not find it in any dictionary.) So let’s define it here for the purpose of understanding before we move further into what my point is with this:

GOIN-TA … I was goin’-ta do that, but I got busy.
I was goin’-ta give her a call, but time slipped away from me.
I was goin’-ta…

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Well I finally went thru all of the Christmas stuff of Mom’s (Over 20 bins) & am having a Christmas Yard Sale this weekend – Nov 6 & 7.  So many items are still in the box with the tags on them! Musical animals, decorations, stuffed animals – you name it I have it! Am also launching Billies Custom Creations. Grandma is so talented!! Have some great handmade gift bags, grams tote bags – all unique & handcrafted!

Billies Great GrandDaughter with her Handmade Cat Bag

Ali Loves Her Cat Bag

Anything that doesn’t sell I am thinking of donating. Depends on how much is left.